The Time I Learned To Choose Myself (Again) x GITB Career Event [Recap]

The Time I Learned To Choose Myself (Again) x GITB Career Event [Recap]

What I loved most about this event, was that I had been feeling a little down in the dumps over a few things and this was the breath of fresh air I needed. It reminded me that we’re all working towards a common goal. We all have dreams, visions and ideas that can be brought to life.

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3 Productivity Hacks to Increase Your Consistency

3 Productivity Hacks to Increase Your Consistency

Truthfully, it all started after my mini-performance review at my full-time job after our annual trade show. One thing that came out of it, was that although I have a lot of strengths - managing my time could (like many of us) always be improved. With that in mind, I've made it a personal mission to learn and apply practical tips to see improvement.

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The 3 Keys Things I Learned: Plan, Prioritize + Produce

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Can I be completely honest? I had a rough week last week. I was oversleeping, I couldn't produce quality work and I felt like I was always 5 steps behind. Well, those feelings, suck.

I had the chance to really sit and think about what I was doing. Why was I oversleeping? Was it the work? My time-management? My unfulfilled purpose in life? Honestly, it could be all of the above. Nevertheless, I made it my mission to start this next week better than how my previous had ended. 

Over the weekend, I took some time, not a lot, but just enough to do three things: plan, prioritize and produce.

Planning: It's simple when you say it, harder to execute. #PlanPrioritizeProduce

While in the planning stage, it's a great way to 'brain dump'. Jot down all the ideas, goals, quotes, to-do's, etc. write it all out. 

The planning stage is great because although we have a ton of thoughts running through our mind, we're able to begin the process of getting our lives together. 

After you write out your list, prioritize.

Funny thing, I'm a huge organizer/neat-freak, calendar coding, To-Do listing person, but lately I felt like I'm losing my way a bit. That's why prioritizing is so key.

Think: what comes first? second? What could wait another week... two...month? There are some things that, you just have to suck it up and do, but there are some other tasks that can wait a bit. 

After prioritizing the list, you should hopefully feel a little better and less overwhelmed. 

Planning & Prioritizing are easy, it's producing the work that's tough. #PlanPrioritizeProduce

Ah, yes. The final kick: produce. Honestly, I struggle with this terribly. All talk, no action. All planning, all prioritizing, no work to show for it. I think what I learned most from my debacle last week was that planning + prioritizing matter but don't come close to producing. Producing quality work, quality content, quality...self.

So, where do we go from here? Take some time, regroup, refocus and get a hold over your work/life balance. You're not alone, in these efforts! I'm standing right beside you trying to get my life together, but we GOT THIS!

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