How to Create An Effective Work-Life Balance

It's been a goal of mine to find a work-life balance that would give me a restful night's sleep, and a productive work day. Now, I understand that it's hard to create a work-life balance and many people believe that it doesn't really exist - but in fact in does, and I think there's a few tips to help you!

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Nowadays we're juggling work, school, side businesses, clients, maintaining a consistent workout and eating habits, and somehow trying to get 8-10 hours of sleep. In reality, most of us are working off of 4-6 hours of sleep, and drowning under our responsibilities and workloads.

I come home exhausted, wake up tired, and work with little to no energy - is that true for you?

I've read endless posts on how to create the "perfect" work/life balance - and I don't believe that it's a one size fits all; but merely understanding what works best for you and how it can most effective.

Here's just a few tips I've come across and found to be really helpful so I hope it's the same for you!

  • Proactively Plan Ahead |

I used to plan my schedule 1-2 weeks in advance and now, I plan everything a month in advance with no budging on plans unless an emergency comes up. First, I mark everything down in my planner asking friends and family if there's any events, celebrations, etc. I should be aware of. I add in my obligations, meetings, etc.

Once it's all in the planner, I also add into my phone's calendar - I use Google Calendar which is just...phenomenal. By proactively planning ahead, I'm able to get a visual look at what I can/can't do and how I can create the balance to manage all that I'm responsible.

  • Say NO ...Trust me, it's okay. |

Isn't it funny that most 2-year-olds know how to say "No" so easily, they don't share, and can be completely stingy with their toys, time and etc.; yet, as we grow older we have such a hard time saying no to our friends and family when they ask things of us. In the same way a 2-year-old can say no with ease - we have to have that same authority. 

After my plans are written down in my planner and scheduled in my phone, any last-minute invites I get, I politely decline. Now, I don't always do this perfectly, but learning to say no makes it easier to not double-book myself or make empty promises. 

  • Set boundaries |

Setting boundaries with your time is crucial. For me, I try to stay off my phone by 9/10* depending on the day of the week and I try to wake up between 5:30/6am. Small boundaries really give you so much freedom within your schedule. It allows for you to take control of your time vs your time controlling you.

  • Creating "Me" Time |

It's been my one of my New Year's Resolution to take a weekend off to myself with no plans, no obligations, just "me" time. Having an effective work/life balance means that you incorporate some time to enjoy life and work. Your "Me" time could include spending a day at the spa, or cooking a new meal, reading a fun book, or trying a new class - whatever it is that would bring you the most enjoyment - set aside a weekend to do just that.