The Time I Learned To Choose Myself (Again) x GITB Career Event [Recap]

With the work week looming over my head, I touched up my lipstick one last time before heading inside. I heard of this event through a friend’s account on Instagram, and truthfully — I assumed it to be the same: smiles, small talk and leaving with swag bags and a void of community and insight.

After I parked my car, I walked through the entrance doors of Macy’s in Tyson’s Corner awaiting what was promised to be a fun-filled, educational event filled with networking alongside like-minded individuals.

Being a blogger, you go to your fair share of events that aren’t necessarily what’s advertised, but this day… this day was different. You see, Girlfriends In The Burbs (GITB) is a local group of women in the NOVA area (and growing!) that cater to bringing women like you and I events around networking, being social.. and cocktails.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the GITB leadership team, bright-eyed and big smiles welcoming us in as things got started. They offered two “tracks” and luckily, I got to go back and forth between them both!

What I loved most about this event, was that I had been feeling a little down in the dumps over a few things and this was the breath of fresh air I needed. It reminded me that we’re all working towards a common goal. We all have dreams, visions and ideas that can be brought to life.

You can run a successful business.
You can be a successful blogger.
You can move up the corporate ladder and secure your bag too!
You can bring women together from the area and empower them to choose themselves over settling.
You can do, be, and live anyway you want. You just have to believe it.

My hope is that you’ll believe it. That you’ll plug yourself in with communities like Girlfriends in the Burbs and really get involved. That you’ll dream big, live fearlessly, and make reality all your dreams.

They brought us sessions on entrepreneurship, financing your business , career development, social media marketing, salary negotiating tips, and more! By more, I mean we learned how to style ourselves for work, free bra fittings, new headshots, learned beauty tips, and a dj for a fun wrap up party!

Goodness, there were so many takeaways, but if I had to share the major ones, here they go:

  1. The moment you make $$ in your business, separate your personal and business income.

  2. Your style IS a part of your personal brand

  3. If you’re looking to increase your salary, look to move up (or around) within your current organization; but your moving has to be strategic.

  4. Document your work, track your accomplishments, and always assess yourself and your work.

  5. Beauty (makeup, style, etc.) all adds value to your overall brand.

  6. Get fitted for your bras and under garments, regularly!

  7. Speak up, speak out and share your wealth with fellow ladies!

I couldn’t have picked a better way to spend my Sunday, and I want to personally thank the GITB team for having me as a guest blogger to cover this event. More things are in store for them, so stay tuned!


With love, life and a breath of fresh air,
Jasmine Katrina

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