I'm Learning to Build Well and So Can You

I'm Learning to Build Well and So Can You

It means that in every area of my life, where the Lord has made me aware, restructuring my life to be built on the cornerstone of God's word. it means, ensuring that I am fully present, whole and prepared for situations, people or things I’ve committed to. Ideally, it’s the notion that I full ownership of how I show up in the spaces I’m in, the people I deal with and the work that I do.

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The One Thing God Told Me Before Turning Twenty-Six

The One Thing God Told Me Before Turning Twenty-Six

It sounds so easy, but the truth is, believing God for bigger requires a higher level of work on my part. My work ethic needs to change, the way I think needs to change, the way I live needs to change. Believing God for bigger means I’m willing to trust him in the gap of my present and my future.

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Rewriting the Narrative: What Do You Believe?

Rewriting the Narrative: What Do You Believe?

In order to begin to rewrite and redefine the story of my life, I have to be able to trust that the story was already written. Written by a God that knows me, loves me and loves his people. Written with intentionality, written with me in mind, I get to partner with the Lord in unraveling and rediscovering who I am, by assessing whose I am. I get the opportunity to let go of the past, take hold of the present and be open to what's in store.

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The Importance of Transparency & Why We Need It

I'm a huge advocate of transparency. It's one of those things that if I could, I'd run and tell the whole world about it. Over and over I see people complain, feel less than, depressed, unhappy, overwhelmed and more importantly, they feel alone. As of late, I've noticed that so many people want to be bloggers, start their business, leave their mark on the world - all of which, is exciting and great news - but there's something I think we forget as we walk through life: to be transparent.

You see, I try really hard to remain honest with God, myself, my family and friends. I try to own up to my actions, and I try to be honest when people ask things of me. Over the past few weeks, I've been feeling burdened by the thought that many of us don't fully understand the importance of being transparent.

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Assumingly, thoughts like, "What I say doesn't matter..." or "No one understands what I'm going through..." have plagued you to the point, where you feel as if you're in a crowded room but completely alone. 

Let's debunk that myth right now...

You are not alone and what you say matters.

Okay, now I can continue. The beautiful and important thing about transparency is that it allows us to feel a part of something bigger than us. I've read a few articles recently about the stats showing mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, and other things have affected minority communities more than ever. 

As we scroll through our social media profiles, we unknowingly suffer with the false assumption that the next person is living in a perfect world, while we're suffering or struggling. 


Our levels of satisfaction and contentment have changed - while in a lot of ways, that's okay - there's a part of us that isn't happy with who and what we are.

Which brings me to the importance of transparency.

I love sharing parts of my life with you because I love encouraging people. I love building women up in their dreams, their purpose, and their value. I love seeing the relief spread across someone's face when they realize that we've walked in similar shoes. I marvel at the moments when people feel like they can't make it, but I get the chance to offer them some help. I truly don't think there's much more rewarding feelings that those, but all in all - it's being open and honest with myself, my journey and where I am that allows me to encourage, inspire and hopefully give that same feeling to the next woman. 

Being transparent, in my opinion, fosters relationships between people. You'll be truly amazed at how close I've gotten to some pretty amazing people by opening up and allowing them to be transparent with me. All in all, I wrote this post to remind you and encourage you to not be afraid to share you story. To walk with your head held high for what you've accomplished and what you've overcome.

Before I leave you to enjoy your Sunday, here's just a few reasons why transparency is key!

  • It empowers you and your story

  • It encourages someone in ways we can't see

  • It creates connects between people with shared experiences

How do you feel about transparency? Does it scare you? Excite you? Leave a comment and let me know!

*big hugs*
- jasmine katrina