The One Thing God Told Me Before Turning Twenty-Six

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The week leading up to my birthday, I was sitting indian style with my journal in hand and penning my thoughts of what 'Year 25’ brought me. Over the last year I lost friends, got a new job, lost weight, gained weight, went on a few dates, failed in my finances, and the list goes on.

Still, I like to reflect and assess where I’ve been and ways I can move forward. While journaling, the resounding theme kept coming back to me. This one thought, is the one thing that I believe is the theme for my twenty-sixth year:

believe bigger.

It sounds so easy, but the truth is, believing God for bigger requires a higher level of work on my part. My work ethic needs to change, the way I think needs to change, the way I live needs to change. Believing God for bigger means I’m willing to trust him in the gap of my present and my future.

Maybe it’s a mid-20s/late-20s thing where you assess and reflect on everything, everyone, and what does it all mean… well, if that’s the case, that’s what I’ve spent all of 25 doing and I’m sure 26 is no different. Many of my mentors have always said that your 20s are for learning who you are, learning what you’re about and understanding what you want.

Ironically enough, in James 2:18 MSG Version, it read me like an open book. Cut me to the core and then the light bulb went off: I need my faith AND the works of my hand; not either/or. Believe God for bigger and do my part to show I can handle it.

Faith and works, works and faith, fit together hand in glove. - James 2:18 MSG

And if I’m being honest, I still have no answers to any of those things but I think that’s why God has me in a space to think and believe bigger. I’ve been running these questions through my mind, over and over and over again.

Who do I want to be?

What am I actually about?

What am I learning and unlearning?

When I think of Jasmine at 27…28..29.. 30 (Eek!) who will she be? What will she be doing?

Believing for more, dreaming for more and working for more. - that’s where I am right now. While I’m not sure what this next year will hold for me, I write this as a way to commit to you, myself and God that the possibilities are endless. The world is our oyster and the sky is the limit.

So, now I turn the mirror to you. I’m sure there are things you’ve longed to do, dreams you felt were forgotten. Goals you felt like you would never achieve…It’s my hope, my dream and belief that you too, will think, dream and believe big and then bigger.

So, I ask you, what are you believing bigger for?